Welcome to IYWT Long-Term Student Online Access!

For Long-Term Rotary Youth Exchange Students, this portal gives you online access -- 24/7 -- to your individual instructions, material and progress from now until your return!

If this is your first time on this site:

  • Create a User Name and Password.
  • Register information about yourself and your exchange.
  • Upload a scanned copy of your passport, if available at this time.
  • Review all the information and documents needed for your exchange, as instructions become available from your Host Country.

If you are returning to this site:

  • Always read the information in the colored box (next to the gauge). It's a reminder of what you should be doing for an on-time departure.
  • Update any of your information as it changes.
    -- There are two things you CANNOT change on your own: your legal name and your address. Please use the Message Board for those updates.
  • Continue uploading documents or providing information as we ask for it.
  • Use the Message Board to reach us if you have questions or concerns. (This is the best method of communication!)

This is your unique access to your data. Once created, write it down. You must share it with at least one parent—as your file can have only one Username and Password. If you forget either, there is a recovery system, but the staff at IYWT is forbidden by law to give you your current Username or Password. It is not a good idea to give this information to friends, or others, as they could change data without you knowing it. If you feel your Username and Password has been compromised, you can change it at any time.

Security regarding access to the student's personal information (ie location, contact information, and itinerary) is of the utmost importance. Therefore, all access will be strictly protected.

When either you or IYWT updates your files, it may take up to 15 minutes for those changes to appear online. Please be patient!

Periodically, you will receive DO NOT REPLY e-mails from IYWT to give information to a group, or to give you specific instructions. Be sure your email program shows these messages where you can see them in a timely manner.

Approved volunteers in your Sponsor Rotary District (and/or Multidistrict) will have access to your file online — but they cannot change your data. They need to see where you are in the process, and they need to supply certain documents. You can also see the information or documents they send to us.

If you have access trouble or get an error message, please report it immediately to our webmaster: kyle@seattlesoftwaresolutions.com.

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