Welcome to IYWT Rotarian Online Access!

If you are a Student or a Parent please click here to access the Student Portal.

You are now able to enter an on-line connection to It's Your World - Travel's data base. We have opened this portal, because communication is vital during the visa process. Now, rather than Rotarians or Students awaiting e-mails from It's Your World - Travel!, you can now enter our database and review each outbound student's visa status and flight details.

ROTARIANS - It’s Your World - Travel! will provide an access code to each Rotary Youth Exchange District Chair, who will then provide that access code to approved members of their Youth Exchange Committee down to the club YEO's.

There is now the availability for the Long Term students to enter their own record to update the personal information and check on their data or pose questions to their agent at It's Your World - Travel!

Security regarding access to the student's personal information (ie location, contact information, and itinerary) is of the utmost importance. Therefore, all access will be strictly protected.

It's Your World - Travel!
It's Your World - Travel!
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